About Claudia

Your personal tour guide who can show you the world!


Claudia's motto ~ "Each One, Teach One"


Claudia Allene

If you'd like to experience the unique wonders of the world with just a few like minded travelers, Claudia Allene is waiting to be your personal guide.

Claudia recently did a 3 year solo adventure exploring 43 countries to gather information you can't find in books.

Her specialty is providing a fun and friendly atmosphere for people to experience the true culture and flavors of any destination.

Claudia was born in Denver and has since lived many years in Minnesota, California, Germany and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

She loves to meet interesting people and discover unique places throughout our wonderful planet. Claudia is very comfortable attending everything from black tie events to tribal celebrations.

Claudia is truly a "Citizen of the World"!